PINS Rethink Traditional Income Sources

The recent recession, local and national budget cuts and increased competition for grants and donations are just a few of the driving factors that have caused us at PINS to rethink our financial model. We are exploring additional more sustainable options.

One such enterprise is the PINS Personal Development Project, at PINS we have experienced volunteers and educational specialists with decades of experience in the life long learning sector, we have harnessed these skills to develop learning opportunities for clients, individuals and organisations.


Our courses are designed and developed to incorporate variety of teaching and learning approaches with a range of:

- activities,

- resources,

- differentiated materials and

- assessment methods.

"The blended design of our courses enables us to meet individual learner needs and reach all learning styles. We promote a safe, secure and inclusive teaching and learning environment in which we foster equality and value diversity. Learners will feel at ease to explore concepts and express their ideas and thoughts freely and have an equal opportunity to develop to their full potential."

We have prepared a range of courses covering a variety of social, creative and technical subject matters; these include:

- Drug and Alcohol Awareness,
- Drug and Alcohol Misuse in the Workplace,
- Microsoft Excel,
- Introduction to Fundraising,
- 3D Computer Animation.


PINS is a not for profit organisation working in Hartlepool to support families who are affected by their childs Drug/Alcohol misuse.

We reinvest our all income from courses into our services and organisational growth.

This enables PINS to maintain high standards, develop our services and invest in people, families and communities.