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Service Update – COVID-19

Recent situations regarding COVID-19 have changed our lives in ways we would never have imagined a year ago, the concept of ‘Normality’ has produced very different social and economic landscapes. As a result we have to move and develop our services to encompass these changes, to ensure our clients are still offered a service of value which is relative and practical.

It is important to establish a safe environment for our clients and our staff whilst adhering to government restrictions and guidelines. We have decided to build on the success of a pilot scheme we ran during COVID-19 lockdown. This service offers clients the opportunity to engage via audio/video using Zoom, Skype or any safe and secure video conferencing software. Obviously this will never replace a 1 to 1 meeting and the personal interactions that go with that model.

However our clients felt it was a step up from a telephone conversation and most warmed to the idea. Naturally we will have some clients without the hardware, software or indeed the knowledge to make this happen in which case we will always work to produce the best scenario for them.

Please contact the office and speak to your keyworker if you feel this is something that may work for you.

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