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Service Update – PINS Zoom Meetings

It is important to establish a safe environment for our clients and our staff whilst adhering to government restrictions and guidelines. We have decided to build on the success of a pilot scheme we ran during COVID-19 lockdown. This service offers clients the opportunity to engage via audio/video using Zoom conferencing software.

Parents In Need of support ZOOM calls/meetings

  • ~ What do I need to use ZOOM ? ~

You will need a either a smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC and an internet connection.

  • ~ How do I let PINS know I want use ZOOM calls/meetings? ~

If you wish to engage with PINS services using Zoom please contact the office and speak to your keyworker if you feel this is something that may work for you.

You can contact us by Calling: 01429 260110 or
You can also contact us urgently on Mobile: 07966 022784

  • ~ How do I use ZOOM for a call/meeting? ~

1. You will be sent an invitation to a Zoom call/meeting that will take place on a date and time agreed between you and your keyworker

2. Select the link in the email
(An example email is shown below:)

3. An internet browser window will open
(If a pop-up window is displayed asking to install zoom, close or cancel the window;
it is not necessary to install the zoom client as it will run through the browser window).

4. Select "Launch meeting" button in the browser window

5. Select "Join from your browser" link in the browser window

6. The browser will display the "Join a Meeting" window
Input your Name in the Name field and
Select the "I am not a robot" checkbox and
Follow any prompts to select Captcha images displayed in the popup window and then select Verify

7. Once you've completed the input fields select the "Join" button

8. The Terms of service window will display,
select "I Agree" to accept the terms and conditions

9. The browser will display then display a "Meeting" window
Your keyworker will then grant you access to the meeting/call

If you have problems accessing your meeting please contact your keyworker,
you can also find additional help and instructions as well as how to video's on the
Zoom Website

If you need PINS services or need to contact someone please

Call: 01429 260110



You can also contact us urgently on

Mobile: 07966 022784