A Fathers Story

My relationship with my son (a heroin user) had deteriorated so much that I was now on the sick from work and under the doctor for severe depression. Luckily my G.P. gave me a leaflet from Parents In Need of Support and suggested I called them. I thought why not, as I have nothing to loose and everything to gain if they could give me any help. I was so glad that I made that decision, I phoned and made an appointment to go to the offices (even though they were prepared to come and meet me anywhere) a couple of days later. When I arrived I must admit that I was quite distressed but the support I received was first class and I felt at ease immediately. Parents In Need of Support was able to put things into perspective and dismiss a lot of the fears I had due to being given incorrect information by people and the gutter press.

I felt relaxed enough to sound off my anger and frustration over the weeks after which I began to see things differently and my relationship with my son became so much better. He now knows that I love him dearly and my anger was down to frustration at seeing him in this predicament and feeling completely helpless. I have offered to work with him on his treatment if he wants and to give him the space he needs to come to terms with his problems. I understand now that the road is long and filled with pitfalls which we can now deal with together. Relapsing and lapsing are all part of the process and I can now understand that if he does have a bad day then that’s O.K. because tomorrow we get back on that hill and start climbing again.

Anonymous (Father)