A Mothers Story (No 1)

As a mother of a drug addicted son. My life was a nightmare, my husband had passed away and now I was having my own flesh and blood stealing off me to feed his addiction. I got to a point where I couldn’t cope any more and had my son arrested in the hope that someone would listen.

I tried to get him into rehab but to no avail as places are few unless you pay privately, which is not possible on a state pension. Finally I heard about a group called Parents In Need of Support, I was referred to them and a gentleman visited my home. Their care and understanding gave me the renewed strength to carry on with my life and continue in the fight to help my son. Parents In Need of Support have been great in helping me and also going that bit further to help my son and try to persuade him to access treatment. Unfortunately my son is not at the place were he is ready to accept help and start recovery which is sad but I know its not my fault and also it really doesn’t matter what I do because unless he is ready all that will happen is broken promises and heartbreak for me. So with the help of Parents In Need of Support I now have more of an understanding of my sons problem and why he did some of the things he did. Tough love was the only answer and my son now lives away from me which was very hard to do but in a strange way I think I was holding up my son to reach the point where he will inevitably reach i.e. prison or something that will make him stop and think. After all he is not a child, he is in his late forties but as I now understand it is his decision and his alone.

Without the continued support of Parents In Need of Support who are always there day and night to listen and advise I honestly do not know how I would cope. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to Parents In Need of Support; their understanding of the family of addicts is second to none. I can only say that if you are experiencing similar problems please give them a call and I can a sure you that you will not be disappointed.

Anonymous (Mother)