A Mothers Story (No 2)

Having discovered that my son had not only experimenting with drugs but his usage was now out of control I was put in touch with Parents In Need of Support. A meeting was established very quickly, Parents In Need of Support are very flexible with working hours and meeting places to accommodate what is best for the client in order for them to feel as comfortable as possible.

I decided that I would go to the Parents In Need of Support office and was pleased that it was not a problem for my sister to attend with me. By the time I found Parents In Need of Support I was at such a low point as I had lost my home as a result of the debt my sons drug use had put me in. I was relieved when I was offered counselling and I began attending religiously each week. It was such a relief for me to sit and literally sob for the whole session with nothing but respect, understanding, comfort and guidance being given by the counsellor.

As time progressed I was able, through the help of Parents In Need of Support to begin to understand a lot more about my sons addiction and how I might be able to deal with some of the issues involved better than I had been able too in the past.

As well as helping me Parents In Need of Support were able to convince my son to access treatment and finally start on his own journey of recovery.

Finally Parents In Need of Support were able to assist with my housing issues and I now have a lovely little bungalow which I call my “Safe House”. My son is now making great progress in his treatment and has been successful on a methadone program for the past year.

I cannot thank Parents In Need of Support enough for all the help and support they have given me and my family.

Thank You.

Anonymous (Mother)