A Mothers Story (No 3)

Four years ago I contacted PINS as I had spent about 18 months living in fear that one day my Daughter would be found dead. I had no knowledge of drugs and certainly did not know how to deal with the situation my daughter had put me in. During this time I found myself suffering from depression, isolating myself as I felt neighbours would often look at me in a very judgemental way and the thought of having to explain my situation to anyone was simply something I could not contemplate.

Whilst visiting my G.P. (for another prescription for anti-depressants) he informed me of a local group that provided support. I, probably like most thought what they could possibly do to help me, but one day when the situation got to a point that I felt so much despair I picked up the phone and spoke to a support worker and suddenly I felt I was no longer alone and a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Over the next 6 month I was educated in drugs and their effects, treatments that were available and most of all someone who would be there for me day or night to listen to my worries and concerns. I found that I no longer needed to take anti-depressants, I understood what my daughter was facing in her battle to fight her addiction and that helped me to be able help her and thankfully she is now free of drugs, (though she still battles to fight temptation) and our relationship is as it was before her addiction.

Anonymous (Mother)