A Mothers Story (No 4)

My life had been hell for 16 yrs through constant worry, heartache, not sleeping, weight loss and feeling constantly drained. All of this due to my sons violence and drug addiction.

I contacted PINS through a recommendation from a friend and upon initially speaking with them over the telephone I found them to be extremely supportive and very professional in their approach. Later that same day one of the therapists called at my home address, dropping off advice leaflets which he had spoken about in our telephone conversation earlier that day. The leaflets related to the root cause of my problems with my son, violent and abusive behaviour, drug abuse and spiralling debt problems.

Due to all of the above I was at my wits end with worry and found that I was unable to cope with every day life due to the constant drain and anguish that my son was causing me.

I can honestly say, with hand on heart, that if it was not for the care, understanding and more importantly the excellent advice and guidance I received from PINS then I would have probably had a nervous breakdown. The fact that I know I can pick the phone up at any time and speak with PINS if I have any issues is such a comforting thought and has helped me so much in coping with my son.

My son is now in prison for a serious violent assault which was fuelled by drug abuse.

PINS have taught me not to blame myself for my sons actions and that it was not the parents fault for how my son was living his life.

I thank PINS from the bottom of my heart and hope that when my son comes out of prison he will have learnt a harsh lesson in life which will ultimately make him a better person.

If you are reading this testimonial, then I know you too are in need of help and support. Take the next step and speak with PINS, you will not regret the decision.

Thank you for always being there PINS.

Anonymous (Mother)