A Mothers Story (No 7)

I came across PINS while trawling the internet. My son had gone off the rails and I was blaming myself. I was at the end of my tether. I didn’t know where to turn and just wanted something or someone to help get my son back to normal.
Finding PINS was the lifeline I needed. I really can’t thank these guys enough. They sat and listened as I poured my heart out. Endless tissues and cuppas. Good solid advice. Non judgemental. They gave me a place that was calming and tranquil, where for a couple of hours I could go and switch off and relax.
Over time they helped me realise that I am not responsible for my son’s actions. He is a grown man with a mind of his own. Having to dish out tough love and take a step back was the hardest thing I have ever done but also the best. My son may not be the man I want him to be but learning that I can’t change that has helped me deal with it better.

I would advise any parent who needs help and support to contact these guys. They are amazing.

Anonymous (Mother)