A Partners Story

Well what can I say?

I attended P.I.N.S in absolute despair I had been experiencing significant suicidal thoughts and was planning to call it a day in my struggles to live with my alcohol dependent wife.

Initially I was entirely unsure which way too turn and my first session with Steve was somewhat of an exploration and assessment as to where I was on an everyday basis, Steve gave some hope right from that first session that I could get through my difficulties and eventually lead a meaningful and content life.
He offered me a follow up session within a week of my first session for further initial assessments of my situation this was really important as when I went home I was fearful that I would struggle after my first session as I was in a very dark place psychologically.

As the sessions continued Steve and I reflected on my journey over many cups of coffee and some occasional humorous moments and gradually over the 10 sessions I had I was able to psychology put my thoughts into the correct boxes in my head rather than the jumbled, confused chaos that was there when I first saw him.

I often ended up being a little early for my sessions and a shared cup of coffee in the waiting room with Col was lovely, Colin projects a calmness and understanding that was very supportive and I found great strength from our pre-session chats.

In summary I arrived at Steve’s door in a messed up, jumbled up state where I thought I was doomed and had no future or value to society and eventually discharged myself from P.I.N.S having 70% recovered from where I was, the remaining 30% of my recovery is down too me and I feel confident and resilient enough thanks to the support from P.I.N.S and Steve to tackle the future challenges that undoubtedly lie ahead.

I will never forget the honesty, kindness, wisdom and acceptance shown to me By Steve and Col.

Thank you so very, very, much

Anonymous (Partner)